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Learning About Coronavirus

COVID-19 Health Information

Note: All information is subject to change.  It is only for informational purposes only.

Despite an overwhelming number of resources out there about Coronavirus, it remains important for us to educate ourselves so that we may educate our children and families as we move forward in this pandemic. Listed on this page are links to websites and videos to share with your family and community.

We start with this wonderful video published by Eurac Research in Italy. It beautifully explains this new type of coronavirus, how a virus works, and all about staying healthy during these times.

The following video is a poem written by children and teens from around the world. They share their frustrations and coping skills as we all move forward in this worldwide pandemic.

covid-19 time capsule

COVID-19 Time Capsule Worksheet

Here is a fun worksheet for students and families to work through and have a way to look back at this difficult time in our lives.

COVID Time Capsule Worksheet (PDF)